What is the history of the Summer of Riesling?

It begins at Terroir E.Vil in the East Village of New York City as a singular attempt to change hearts and minds over the course of 94 days of summer

Fall 2008
Terroir E.Vil did not go bankrupt and the staff did not revolt... fully

The German Wine Queen, Marlies Dumpsky (Yes, she exists, and she is tremendous) visits New York for the first time to inaugurate SoR... the Mayor declares a citywide holiday

The first Summer of Riesling Concert is staged at the Knitting Factory with 4 bands and all the Riesling you can drink (no beer, no Stoli, no Jägermeister)

Sonja Christ, the new German Wine Queen, from the Mosel crushes it with her knowledge of geology and music

For the first time, SoR goes national, and 222 fellow restaurants / wine bars / retail shops join the cause

The International Riesling Foundation comes onboard and aids the expansion

The official launch of the first 31 Days of German Riesling in July... all Riesling, all German (thank you, Wines of Germany)

Mandy Grossgarten, the new new German Wine Queen, from the Ahr sets sail on the first SoR Boat Cruise

The Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco is overwhelmed with the presence of Riesling and rocked by the Winnebago carrying the SoR team... needless to say, many a California body were tattooed over the course of the three day festival

The enthusiasm can barely be contained as 500 restaurants / wine bars / retail shoppes join the crusade in addition to the support of the Wines of Germany and the I.R.F., our friends from Austrian Wine, Alsace Wines, the Finger Lakes Wine Alliance, and Wine Australia provide support of all types (including a supply of lederhosen)

Annika Strebel, the new, new, new German Wine Queen, from the Rheinhessen launches our boat cruise with a massive assist from the ladies of Lez Zeppelin

Chicago celebrates a 3 day festival of all things Austrian Riesling: schnitzel, Sound of Music and Meinl

The 31 Days of German Riesling not only returns but goes international... to Canada and Mother England

The Googamooga Festival in Brooklyn's Prospect Park is viewed through a Riesling-inspired lens

New Zealand celebrates on both Islands with a burlesque performance and a marathon in Central Otago

Australia conquers in Melbourne with the Open Finals delayed by a stadiumwide Riesling consumption break and the Opera House in Sydney staging the first Riesling-inspired opera

Outside Lands Music Festival welcomes Metallica / Skrillex / the Winnebago full of Riesling

Julie Bertram, the newest German Wine Queen, from the Ahr captains the boat cruise / concert as the East River becomes the East River of Riesling

Googamooga is revisited and revitalized

Outside Lands Music Festival…let’s just say Nine Inch Nails dedicated a song to us

the 31 Days of German Riesling was so powerful that even the Burgundy Region of France legalized the planting of Rieslings within the Côte d’Or

Summer of Riesling VII…the final chapter