An Open Letter from the Riesling Overlord

Spring 2014
Dear Dedicated Acidhound,

The Summer of Riesling 2014 is quickly approaching and we are beside ourselves with excitement. Last year’s edition was the most poignant event in our history…we would compare the excitement to the London Olympics of 1948 and the election of Pierre Elliott Trudeau in 1968 …

To participate in the newest iteration, your primary responsibility for SoR 2014 is to pour 3-4 Rieslings by the glass for EVERY day of the summer, with 2 of those Rieslings being from Germany, the homeland of the great grape. In addition, we ask / beg that you host multiple events at your venue during the 94 day celebration to spread the good word from the Riesling gospel. Beyond that, you can drive this schnitzel truck full of grape juice anywhere you want.

In addition to the vinous tasks, there is a $100.00 participation fee. The fee covers all collateral (t-shirts / tattoos / stickers / pins) that you will receive in mid-June, and most importantly, the tireless efforts and incredible work of our administrator, Jill Cabral, our current Emissary of Riesling. While Jill’s plate overflows with all the glorious terroir that makes Riesling…well, Riesling!...she is here for you! She will broadcast all of our inspirational actions through wireless telegraphy and digital mediums. She will shout from the mountaintops every tidbit of information you provide her about what you are doing at your restaurant / wine bar / retail shop. Simply put, we are the voices and Jill is the medium and we love her!

Our goal this year is to have 150 active and vital participants in the Summer of Riesling and we would be honored once again to include you in our raucous Riesling journey across the vinous landscape. Please remember to wear a seatbelt and make sure your coffee cup is full…sleepless days and nights in devotion to Riesling are our modus operandi!


Paul Grieco
Overlord: Summer of Riesling 2014
General AND Manager: Hearth
Terroir E.Vil / Terroir | Tribeca / Terroir {Murray Hill} / Terroir.Park.Slope. / Terroir on the High Line

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P.S. The Summer of Riesling 2014 (or SoR VII as my mother is calling it) is going to be the last celebration of the Summer of Riesling, and we want to end this iteration of our love affair with Riesling in a manner befitting the greatest grape on the planet. Plans are not yet finalized concerning all the enlivening activities we are planning, though I just returned from two weeks with my sensei in Osaka and my chi is fully energized (that, or I ate a lot of sushi from Fukushima) so ideas will be forthcoming.