What is it?

A love affair with the world's greatest grape expressed in full Technicolor.

because the glory of Riesling is in its multiplicity of styles…

and the problem of Riesling is in its multiplicity of styles.

Every corner of the globe where wine is available.

From June 21st to September 21st (we ain't kidding when we call it the Summer of Riesling!).

By bringing everyone together and handing them a glass of Riesling and engaging them in conversation, with the thrust of the dialogue centering on:

Balance...of bone-crushing acidity and potential sweetness

Complexity...like a conversation with Rust Cohle about M-Theory

Delicacy...as if Lionel Messi was shimmying through the Real Madrid defense

Longevity...suffice it to say, a sword of Valyrian steel does not last as long

Sense of Place...even Bigfoot's footprint cannot encapsulate all the terroir that Riesling contains

Do I get anything?

-of course you do... we will plaster your body in tattoos, dress you in a cool SoR 2014 t-shirt, cover you with retro pins, and apply stickers over all available surfaces.

What do I have to do in return?

-promise to feature 3-4 Rieslings by the glass all Summer long (and we mean...ALL SUMMER LONG!) and make 2 of those Rieslings from Germany
(remember, Germany is the homeland of this Mother of All Grapes!).

In addition, hosting an event (tasting / wine dinner / dance party / protest march / assuming control of a small, neighboring country / boat cruise along the Mississippi) each month is strongly encouraged.

Will I gain a better understanding of Game of Thrones if I participate?

-remember, we are just fellow wine lovers and we do not have an inkling about the mind of George R.R. Martin. However, in 2013, the White Walkers were seen drinking Riesling before beginning their march upon Castle Black.